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Rejuvenate With Your Own Cells

Regenerative Medicine

A new approach, appealing to clients seeking a more natural method to facial rejuvenation, is regeneration with your own cells and more specifically, autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This is also referred to as autologous cellular regeneration (ACR) an aesthetic practice, which is a safe and tolerable procedure. Improvement of skin texture and tone can be expected, these features are noticeable within 3 weeks, and the process can be enhanced by addition of appropriate Cosmeceutical. Benefits include non-allergenic properties and ease of administration. It is well known that platelets have many functions. Platelets contain important growth factors that, when secreted, are responsible for:

  • Tissue regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Recruiting other cells to the site of injury
  • Initiating vascular in – growth
  • Inducing cell differentiation
  • Bone-mineralisation
  • Extra cellular matrix formation
  • Non-Allergenic
  • It is a ‘body own’ physiological product vs. animal derived or human donor products
  • Elimination of donor transmissible infections
  • Biological Glue: for tissue adhesion especially in skin flaps, bone grafts and trauma

These are vital steps in collagen regeneration and wound healing.

The process is

  • SAFE and Physiologically Active
  • Preparation is Simple and Quick, and completed on the Physicians premises in the appointment time. No products are sent off premises.
  • Can be used in multiple areas for dermal rejuvenation

Prior to treatment a blood sample of 10 – 20 mls is extracted from the patient. This blood is immediately placed in the centrifuge for 5 – 8 minutes. The rich platelets are extracted from the base of the plasma gel. The platelets are injected into the deep dermis or fat layer of the skin. Platelets gradually increase collagen, which can increase skin thickness and overall health of the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is the procedure from start to finish?

Approx 45 mins to 1 hour per two test tubes.

2. Which facial and body areas can be treated?

  • Around the eyes – Peri Orbital Rim
  • Cheeks and Mid face
  • Neck Lifting
  • Thinning skin on the neck
  • Jaw Line
  • Back of hands
  • Décolletage
  • Other Body Areas – elbows, knees, arms

Side Effects Of Regen – PRP Facial Rejuvenation

  • Minimal: Expect minimal swelling, bruising and redness for 12-24 hours. Some clients experience headache.
  • Modest: Some patients may feel faint. A bruise at the venapuncture site may be visible for 2-3 days.
  • Severe: A low morbidity procedure. Almost no down time. No need for hospitalization. Anaphylaxis does not occur. In rare cases, skin cellulitis may occur which can be treated with antibiotics and cold compresses. Occasionally hospitalisation is needed in these cases. Secondary skin infection is a rare complication.

Expectations For Regen – PRP

  • Results are visible at 3 weeks and improve gradually over ensuing months with improvement in texture and tone.
  • Cosmeceutical and Light therapies can enhance the results.
  • Advanced wrinkling cannot be reversed and a minimal improvement is predictable in persons with alcohol and tobacco abuse.
  • Severe scarring may not respond.
  • Further plasma treatment is also popular and safe. PRP – ACR is effective and well tolerated, but patient selection is important if predictable results are to be expected.

3. How does Regen PRP work?

Your physician will draw 10 – 20 milliliters of your blood, using a standard procedure. Just like having a blood test taken. The test tube of your blood is then placed in a centrifuge for 8 minutes in which the Plasma is separated from the Red Blood Cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma is blended with Calcium Chloride and then injected into your facial or body area of concern to achieve a gradual thickening of the skin.

4. Are results immediate?

No. Swelling from the fluid is what you will see and feel first. Once this has subsided you will not see much change at all. Over a few weeks the Platelets will stimulate the growth factors, which will assist in more collagen growth.

5. How many treatments are required?

This will depend upon the health and age of your skin. Normally it is advised to have 2 – 3 treatments 6 weeks apart.

6. How long do results last for?

Treatment results vary however in most patients the results last up to 18 months. Touch up treatments will maintain the results as well.


  • Smokers
  • Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Critical Thrombocytopenia
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia
  • Haemodynamic Instability
  • Sepsis
  • Acute and Chronic Infections
  • Chronic Liver Pathology
  • Anti Coagulation Therapy
  • Person with Skin Disease or Cancer
  • Severe Metabolic and Systemic Disorders

7. How much does the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure cost?

The cost depends on the area you’re having treated. At the time of the consultation we can give you a more precise idea of cost.

8. Is there patient financing?

Patient financing is completely independent from the clinic. For patients wanting affordable payment plans please apply directly with Total Lifestyle Credit. This facility is subject to approval. Our advice to all patients is to be financially responsible when undertaking finance for elective surgical procedures.

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