When you are entertaining the thought of getting a cosmetic surgery done, you don’t dive in head first without first considering your options. A rational human being would think about the repercussions and weigh every risk and advantage that it entails. So the question here is, are you one of them?

The question you need to ask yourself is not just a simple, “should I do it or not?” There is more to than deciding on a yes or no. The very first things that you need to assess are your motives on why you are really doing it. First of all, you should never do it in order to please people. Think of what you really feel about it and is it really what you want for yourself. The opinion of others should not be your basis, because there is a good chance that you’ll just end up regretting your decision. Go on with it if it really makes you happy.

Aside from being certain with your decisions, another thing that you need to consider is your health. Are you physically able to withstand a cosmetic surgery? Any good doctor would not operate when you have pre-existing conditions that would put you are risk for complications either during the surgery or within the recovery period.

You need to prepare yourself physically by abstaining from vices like drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking because these are the culprit for serious complications like bleeding or delayed healing. If you are willing to make that compromise, then you are on a good start to preparing yourself for any cosmetic surgery.

You should also be financially ready if you are planning on getting a cosmetic surgery done. These kind of procedures are considered to be elective surgery, which means that it improves the quality of life and not to save it. With that, only a few procedures are covered by insurance companies, making cosmetic surgeries an expensive choice.

Another thing that is very important to consider when you decide on getting a surgical procedure is to assess your expectations. It should be that what you are looking for in having these changes done are hinged on realistic perspective. The scary part about having these outrageous expectations is that you can go on a downward spiral with numerous surgeries because you don’t find one to be satisfactory. Just look at how Heidi Montag changed her face from beautiful to something looking so made-up, or in worst cases, the king of pop himself and that oddly shaped nose. So make sure that you have a healthy set of expectations, because this will also save you from going overboard and destroying your face or body!

For anyone who is planning on going under the knife to make a nip here or a slight tuck there, you need to first evaluate yourself. Are your intentions really based on your own preferences? Are you financially able? Are you healthy enough to go through with it? Or are you psychologically prepared? These questions are really important because not only will a procedure change your face, but it can change your life – either for the better or for the worst. Therefore deliberate wisely.

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