Desire and reality. Balancing what you wish to achieve with what is physically possible is critical when it comes to breast augmentation surgery.

Let’s talk about how you can define what you want and why it is important. 

The importance of clear expectations

Before you make any decisions, communicate your wishes to a surgeon and discuss what you imagine your breasts to look like after surgery. You may not be happy with your chest at the moment, but describing what you want is still fairly difficult. Here is a useful list how you could better define your vision:

  1. Determine what you don’t like about your breasts. 
  2. Write down how this affects your confidence, self-image and lifestyle. 
  3. List what you envision based on your current information. 
  4. Talk to a specialist and revisit your life of expectations.
  5. Finalise your definition and discuss this with your surgeon. 
female-writtingWrite down what you expect from surgery.


Why is defining your wishes important?

To make your definition as valuable as possible, you also need to understand that not every breast is equal. The kind of implant size you are able to successfully have depends largely on your natural tissue. 

This means that if you have a very flat chest and thin breast tissue, very large implants might not be a realistic dream. The pull of gravity on your already thin breast tissue causes natural sagging or rippling.

However, a skilled surgeon who knows what you are after can advise how realistic your vision is and recommend a more achievable alternative is needed. As such, we suggest caution towards anyone who claims they can make your wildest dreams come true without addressing possible side-effects. 

All our surgeons are highly skilled professionals.

What Esteem has to offer

At Esteem, we want to make the journey to better breasts as smooth as possible. All our surgeons are highly skilled professionals who prioritise your health and long-term satisfaction.

If you are thinking of breast augmentation surgery and want to know more about possible implant options for your unique breasts, book a personal consultation with us. The initial consultation is an important part of the decision process and allows you to ask questions, address concerns and receive advice how you can make your vision of bigger breasts a reality. 

Have more questions about breast augmentation? Feel free to reach out to our friendly team today.


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