Breast augmentation recovery is generally a fairly straightforward process, with minimal discomfort and relatively little downside. However, people are often surprised to learn that boobs don’t immediately look fabulous post op.

Regular breast massage can help settle and soften the implant as well as lower the risk of capsular contracture.

Implants usually take some time to settle into your body. In many ways, this is a very crucial part of the breast augmentation progress, as the way it heals often determines the end result. Regular breast massage can help settle and soften the implant as well as lower the risk of capsular contractures.

What do massages actually do?

Writing on Real Self, cosmetic surgeon Dr Otto Joseph Placik explains that you’re not performing massage in a technical sense. Rather, the movements are to encourage the implant to shift around, which helps strengthen the pocket created during surgery, helping prevent hardened scar tissue both around the implant and at the incision site.

Lymphatic drainage massages are also extremely beneficial for the healing process. Though they may sound dramatic, lymphatic drainage massages actually involve gentle circular movements which promote healing by encouraging the removal of waste fluid from lymph nodes.


What kinds of massage techniques can I do?

Start with a non-irritating oil or lotion to prevent uncomfortable friction as you rub your skin. Next, the type of massage you use will depend on what you and your doctor decide is best for your recovery. It might also help to look at a mirror while you perform the exercises, as this will show you whether you’re performing the exercises correctly and let you see the progress your breasts are making.

Downward massage is useful for implants that have been placed below the muscle. This is because sub-muscular augmentations sit higher on the chest due to the natural muscle tissue. Downward motions will help the implants settle into place further along your chest. For this exercise, you’ll need to take your bra off. Starting at the nipple, pull your natural breast tissue upwards while you simultaneously push the implant down and hold for 10 seconds.

Upwards movements are great for stretching the capsule or implant pocket. For this massage, simply cup your breast directly under the nipple and move the breast as far up as the implant will allow you to go. For both exercises, hold for 10 seconds then repeat with the other breast. Doing this for ten repetitions at least a few times a day will do wonders for you recovery and leave you happier with the overall result of your augmentation.

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