Breast augmentation surgery may have been around for years now, and you may have read about its list of success as well as its string of bad outcomes. As a wise consumer, you should know how to get the better end of the deal and how to avoid a botched result. For this you need to ask the right questions during your consultation. Here are some of those you should not miss.

Questions to ask your surgeon:


 How many breast implant procedures do you perform
 every year?
 Do you specialize on breast augmentation procedure?
   breast reconstruction?
 What is the most common complication that you
   encounter with your breast augmentation surgeries?
 What is your reoperation rate?
 What is the most common reason for reoperation?
 What type of breast implants do you use?
   And what are your experience with these?
 How do you conduct aftercare and follow up with
   your patients?

These questions can give you a low down on the expertise of the surgeon. It will also help you see how he goes about with his practice and whether he takes care of his patients well before, during and after surgery. It is important that you know your surgeon in detail to ensure that you are in capable and experienced hands.

Questions to ask about the operation:


 How long does the operation take?
 What is the probable length of my recovery?
 How long will I be in pain?
 What type of anesthesia will I be under?
 How much risk is there with the anesthesia?
 What is the likelihood that I might get an infection
   from the operation?
 What can I do to avoid the long term and short
   term complications of the surgery?
 What are the chances that I might get secondary
   procedures associated with breast augmentation surgery?
 Where will my scar be located?
 Is there any measure used to minimize scarring?

These questions can give you an in depth knowledge about what to expect during the procedure and afterwards. This also gives you a hint on how the surgeon ensures your safety from complications, such as infections and anesthesia reaction. The information that you can get afterwards will help you to be more prepared about what is to come, and will also let you decide whether the surgeon’s approach is in keeping with your preferences.

Questions about Breast Implants:


 What shape, size and texture should you recommend
   for my implants?
 Why do you recommend this particular breast implant
   over the other?
 What incision site would you suggest for me and why?
 How long does this particular implant usually last?
 What is the rupture rate of this particular implant
   over the other?

These questions help you to know the type of implant that is right for you and what type the surgeon is comfortable in using. This is a very important process because you just don’t open your body time and time again to change implants. There has to be careful deliberation given the extensive information provided by the surgeon. Also, it is at this stage where you and your surgeon deliberate on what type of breast implant based on shape, texture and size, is most appropriate for you.

Questions on expected outcomes:

 How many additional operations on my breast
   implants should I expect in my lifetime?
 How can I detect if my breast implants have
   leaked or ruptured?
 How easy or difficult is it to remove or
   change breast implants?
 How will my breasts look if I remove
   my breast implants?
 Do I have to get yearly mammograms after
   breast implants?
 What are my options should I feel dissatisfied
   with the results?
 Will breast implants affect my ability to
   breast feed?
 What are the long term consequences of
   breast implants?
 Are there any alternate procedures or products
   available aside from breast implants?


Questions like these will help you to know what you are going to expect in the long term. This can be the good, the bad and ugly side of breast augmentation surgery. You must know these in order for you to be acquainted not only with the physical enhancements that you are going to have after the surgery, but the responsibility that also goes along with maintaining it.



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