Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women, and it is also among the leading cause of cancer deaths for all races.

But there are also women who are determined to overcome such an aggressive condition. 

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That is why some resort to radical measures such as a mastectomy (the partial or total removal of breast tissue) in the hopes of stopping progressing or as a preventive measure. But with this solution raises another concern, and that is body image disturbance.

The breasts are something that defines a woman’s femininity, and having these removed is something that would not only crush a woman’s self-image but also her self-esteem. Fortunately, there are ways to restore normalcy through breast reconstruction surgery.

It allows the chest to regain its usual size and shape. However, it may lack in the appearance department. To make the finishing touches, one can get 3D nipple and areola tattoos. It can recreate and match the natural colour or appearance of the areola.

Upon consultation, you can describe to the doctor the specific look that you want. You can even bring along a photo of how the breasts previously look, or something similar to it.

The procedure will be quite similar to a regular cosmetic tattooing treatment. Using a small handpiece which holds the pigment, it is then directed on your skin. As it passes over the area, it injects a small amount of the micropigments under the surface.

To make the appearance more realistic, she/he can make it look three dimensional. This is regarded as a necessary step to complete the process of reconstructing the breasts.

A surgical dressing is then placed over the area after the procedure. There will be some redness and minor swelling at first but it will soon subside over time. The pigment may even appear darker, but will fade over time and will take a more natural appearance.

It is obvious that it may be hard to come up with two areolae that exactly matches. But it is possible to create excellent results through the superior artistic ability of a cosmetic tattooist. From the shape of the areola, the pertness of the nipple, right down to the Montgomery glands (the small white protrusions along the areolar complex), it can certainly result to something much more natural-looking with a masterful illusion of protrusion.

A good cosmetic tattoo artist would ensure that there remain some definition and dimension with careful delineation as well as shadowing.

If you want to get the best results, it is essential that you choose a professional cosmetic tattoo artist who earned advanced training in medical tattooing in breast and nipple corrections. In addition to the skills in these complex corrections, it is also important that he has artistic training.

It is also essential that the areolar position, breast contour and nipple protrusion are taken into consideration. It is not simply putting on a circular colour to create a normal appearance to the breast. It should have an overall improvement which results in a proper diffusion of colour that would match your own skin tone.


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