After admission you will be taken to the operating theatre. This can be a little daunting, but rest assured you are in safe hands and there are many experienced staff to look after you throughout the procedure.

You will be attended to and monitored by a specialist anaesthetist throughout the procedure. They will insert an IV cannula, monitoring equipment will be attached, and then they will administer a general anaesthetic.

After you are asleep you will be administered antibiotics via your IV and your skin will be prepped with an antiseptic solution. These measures are to minimize the risk of infection wherever possible.

On each side, local anaesthetic is injected into the tissues in the operative area. An incision is made according to the surgical plan discussed, a pocket created, any bleeding controlled and the implant is inserted into the pocket.  The incisions is then surgically closed in three layers of absorbable sutures (rows of stitches), then two layers of dressings are placed over the incisions.

You will be awoken from your anaesthetic and when stable, transferred to the first stage recovery area by your anaesthetist.

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