When people think of breast augmentations, breast enlargement usually comes to mind. Breast reduction, not so much. However, breast reductions are perfectly normal and can be beneficial for several reasons. 

Today we’re going to explore the advantages of this type of breast augmentation.

Health benefits of a breast reduction


Lighter breasts can improve your agility and speed.

For some women, having large breasts can actually be a health issue. If your frame is not built to support large breasts, back issues and neck pain can lead to posture problems and general discomfort. Breasts don’t always grow proportionately, so if a woman feels her breasts are too big for her body, they can get in the way of everyday activities. This is a particular issue for women who are into sports – breasts that are too large can hinder your performance, while lighter breasts can improve your agility and speed and therefore enable you to get better results.

Of course, financially, it can be quite expensive to have larger breasts. Finding clothes and bras that fit adequately can be a massive pain, both financially and physically. Clothing with straps that are equally supportive as they are comfortable and stylish can be expensive and difficult to come by. A breast reduction surgery can improve wardrobes significantly!

Breast reduction surgery is not limited to women – it can also be beneficial for some men. 

Gynecomastia surgery: aka male breast reductions

Yes, men can develop breasts as well – a condition called gynecomastia – and not surprisingly, it can be a point of discomfort for them. Believe it or not, it’s relatively common. Adolescent boys can develop breasts as they go through puberty when their hormones are fluctuating. In such cases, it’s best to wait until their hormones have stabilised before thinking about a surgery.

Occasionally, however, males don’t grow out of the condition, and this is when they can consider getting their breasts corrected. Anatomically, males don’t need to have breasts and it can be quite embarrassing if they don’t go away as the body reaches adulthood. For this reason, a breast reduction is ideal for boosting self esteem.

If you have any more questions regarding breast reductions, and if it is a procedure you are considering for yourself, then contact our team here at Esteem to schedule a consultation today.

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