Is there such a thing as normal breasts? The short answer is no.

While the basic anatomy of a woman’s breast is the same, the exact shape and size varies – even between one set of breasts. Further, the way you feel about your boobs is completely unique. This also means that the decision to get breast augmentation surgery is something only you can make. 

We take a look at the biological anatomy of breasts and discuss possible reasons why you might choose to get surgery. 

The anatomy of your breast

Every breast consists of two basic components: parenchyma (breast tissue filler) which lies on top of your pectoral muscles and a skin envelope that surrounds and supports the breast tissue. The skin envelope is the primary support for the breast. So, the larger the breast, the more gravity pulls downward on the breast tissue, making your boobs look saggy.

After breast augmentation surgery, the anatomy of your natural breasts remains the same, with the addition of the implants. 

Why you might want breast augmentation

There are many reasons why you might want to augment your breasts. Yet, there are three main groups many fall under:

1) Abnormal development during puberty

Your body changes significantly during puberty, including the breasts. As such, they may remain relatively small and look disproportionate to the rest of you. Push up bras and fillers are an option for some, yet as soon as you get undressed, that confidence can dissolve. 

Your breasts change during pregnancy.Your breasts change during pregnancy.

2) Changes post pregnancy

Having a baby takes a big toll on your boobs. The variable but predictable stretch of your skin envelope as the breasts grow throughout pregnancy can often lead to some form of sagging. 

Then, during nursing, the skin stretches as the breast tissue decreases in size. For some women this might result in smaller breasts than before having their baby, which, understandably, can be frustrating. 

3) Issues with appearance

Every woman’s breasts and nipples are asymmetrical to a certain extent. There are, however, extreme cases, where you might decide you’d feel better with a different shape or size of breasts. 

No matter your shape or size, the decision whether you want breast augmentation or not is a choice only you can and should make. Before you make the call, we suggest you consult a professional surgeon so you have all the information you need. 

At Esteem, we are happy to walk you through the pros and cons, as well as any particular factors you might want to consider before having breast augmentation. Reach out to us today.


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