Did you know your contouring doesn’t have to stop at your face?

Your breast augmentation likely already has you feeling nice and confident about yourself, but you can give your chest an extra ‘oomph’ with just a couple of basic breast contouring tricks. These are tips that even runway supermodels use to look picture-ready at all times.

No more needing to run to the bathroom to readjust your pushup bra, now you can have the appearance of cleavage even while wearing the very fashionable, very comfortable bralette. You don’t even need any makeup other than what you already use for your daily makeup routine. Just follow these five simple steps to contouring your breasts to give them just the right amount of cleavage. 


Step 1: Outlining 

Every good work of art starts with an outline – breast contouring is no different! First, put down your primer to keep the makeup from coming off, then use a chocolate coloured eyeliner pencil to trace the middle curve of your breasts. Pull the line so it is just past the fullest part of your cleavage. Then use a shading brush to lightly soften the lines – you don’t want them to be completely gone, but just ensure they’re not as defined.


Step 2: Highlighting 

You want your highlighter on the places that catch the light – the top swell of your breast. You want this highlighter to be a cream colour, a couple shades darker than your skin tone.

Think of it like this: If your breast was a clock, this part of the contouring process would go from 9 to 12. Note that you’ll want to assess your natural highlights before you start – where does the light bounce of your breast? That’s where you’ll be working in your highlighter.



Follow your natural highlights and low lights to help you guide your contouring.

Step 3: Bronzing

Next take a matte bronzer to fade the pencil lines into your natural skin tone. It’s important to use a bronzer that’s a little darker than what you would normally use as this will help create the round appearance of the shadow created by cleavage.

Similar to highlighting, before you start bronzing, take a look at where you naturally develop a shadow and use that as a marker for where you should be enhancing the darker parts of the shadow (because the darker the bronzer the plumper looking the cleavage). 


Contour your collar bones to naturalise the look.

Step 4: Contour your decolletage 


You’ll also want to contour your collar bones to naturalise the look. Use the highlighter on the highest part of your collar bone, and bronzer on either side of that. If you really want a dramatic look, you can follow the natural shape of your collar bone and pull the bronzer up the side of your neck.

Not sure where your bone goes? Just shrug your shoulders up to your ears – those pockets on either side of your neck are the lines you want to follow.


Step 5: Blend it all together

Now for the fun part – blending it all together for the awesome final results. Dust a translucent powder over all your hard work to finalise the look – just make sure all the hard lines are gone so you don’t give your contouring away! Feel free to add more bronzer or highlighter as you see fit in areas that might need that extra support. 

There you have it! Now you’re ready to give your breasts that final touch before you head out and own the town. However, if you haven’t had your breasts done, and you don’t think contouring will cut it, give us a call here at Esteem and set up an appointment with one of our friendly doctors. We’re happy to walk you through your many options! 


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