Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the structure of the labia of a female client by reducing the skin and mucosal tissue. This can create a significant amount of relief and confidence especially among women who have concerns about their vagina having larger lips (labia). Aside from creating a change in the physical appearance this procedure also gives those women suffering from it a chance to regain their confidence.

When there is too much sagging skin caused by intercourse, childbirth, disease or injuries, this can create discomfort and even pain. Labial asymmetry can also affect once confidence, leaving a woman to shy away from bathing suits or fit jeans, because it would either become obvious or easily irritated.

That is why more and more women are opening up to this procedure because first, they want to feel better about their bodies, they want to look and feel good in any type of clothes, and they just want to relieve themselves of any discomfort.

However, a woman should also pass as a good candidate for labiaplasty surgery. For this she should be one who has a realistic goal in mind regarding the procedure and the purpose as to why she wants it done. It must be recognized that she is feeling discomfort or any sexual dysfunction due to the state of her labia. In addition to this, she must also have a good general health in order to prevent any complications, even though if it is a minor cosmetic surgery.

The procedure can usually take an hour or two, and can be done on an outpatient basis. However no matter how relatively minor this surgery may be, it still has accompanying risks. This includes scar tissue formation, infection and dyspareunia (painful intercourse that may be caused medical or psychological reasons).

Antibiotics and pain medications after the surgery can help prevent any untoward signs and symptoms that can lead to serious complications. Keeping the surgical area properly cleansed can help ensure that you lessen the chances of infection since it can be pretty hard to keep this area free from bacteria.

Another thing that one must consider after the procedure is to abstain from any sexual contact until the wounds are totally healed. This usually takes around 4 weeks, but you can already return to normal daily activities within 4-5 days. And you can increase your level of activities in 3 weeks time. In addition to this, it is also advisable to avoid tampons and thongs as of the time being because this will only irritate the surgical area.

Aside from the adverse reactions after surgery, one concern that most interested clients may have regarding a labiaplasty procedure is the cost.  In Australia, this would run along $4,000 plus additional fees. It may be rather costly and probably most of you are wondering whether this procedure is covered by insurance. Unfortunately this procedure is usually not covered by insurance policies since it is a cosmetic surgery. Since not all insurance coverage are the same you can ask your surgeon to write a preauthorization letter to inquire if they will cover for the procedure. If a medically valid reason such as pain or any hospitalization related to labial discomfort is cited the insurance provider could reconsider.

When you want comfort and an improved appearance down there, then you can definitely benefit from a labiaplasty. Many who have undergone the procedure claims that they did experience a better change in terms looking and feeling great in their own body.


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