We’re not interested in keeping secrets from you when it comes to your boobs.

They’re an important part of our body – often the favourite part of our body, even – and as such we don’t think you should be kept in the dark. Our breasts are intriguing, and there’s truly much more to them than you’d think! 

Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about what we hold so close to our chest every single day. Check out these interesting facts about your boobs!

1. Your boobs might be immature 

According to Everyday Health magazine, your boobs probably haven’t completely matured until you’ve gotten pregnant or lactated. As such, hormones have them constantly fluctuating and making it hard for you to pinpoint your exact bra size. Often the cup is too small and the bra width is too big. Many women are walking around with the incorrect bra size, you might be too!

To avoid this, it’s important to get regular measurements with a professional the next time you stop into your nearest lingerie store. Don’t forget that if you’ve had a recent breast augmentation, you should wait until you’re fully recovered before you go shopping for new bras

breast-facts-exposed-esteem-cosmetic-studio-image1Are your boobs immature?

2. They’re prone to a few oddities 

Boobs, they’re just like us! Weird, but in a good way. There are lots of strange things about our boobs:

  • The left breast tends to be bigger than the right: No one has perfect breasts – science has found found that lefty tends to weigh just a bit more.
  • Extra nipples are real: Oh no, extra nipples aren’t a myth –  6 per cent of people, in fact, have a third, reports
  • Dry skin is most common on boobs: Your poor breasts have undergone a lot of change over the years, and as such, they’ve probably stretched out quite a bit, making the skin thin and more likely to dry out or chafe. So, when you moisturise, don’t forget your boobs!

3. They can be kind of heavy

Like, up to 20 pounds heavy! On average, boobs range from half of a pound to 20, says Live Science magazine. Sound like a lot? Some women think it does, others don’t – it’s just a preference matter. Of course, for many woman weight (and size) can be a reason to think about getting either an breast augmentation or breast reduction. There are many reasons as to why women undergo boob jobs, but the size is often a big factor.

Whether it be too big or too small, boobs have the power to make us feel self-conscious in our own skin. Other times, boobs that are too heavy can cause health issues, like a bad back or neck from supporting the extra weight.

breast-facts-exposed-esteem-cosmetic-studio-image2Make sure you have a comfortable bra on when you workout.

4. Boobs are rhythmic 

Boobs have their own way of moving around. They tend to form an infinity symbol – a sideways figure eight. The bigger the boob, the bigger the shape. This is why it’s important for you to have a sports bra that isn’t necessarily tight, but well-fitted. Good news here for those who have larger breasts, you can’t actually damage them while working out – it just might make things a little more uncomfortable for you. 

5. The areola can change colour when sexually aroused

Your nipples are basically part chameleon! Not really, but they do tend to get a little darker when you’re feeling a little frisky. This is because the blood gets pumping all over your body when you get a little turned on, which is why you probably enjoy the touch of this sensitive area. The more you know!

If you have any more questions about your boobs, or are interested in setting up a consultation to see what your options are for a breast augmentation, get in contact with our friendly team at Esteem today.


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