When you are feeling emotional after surgery, it is important not to compare yourself to other women. Avoid searching the internet for images of breast augmentation, and allow yourself to heal in your own time.

Consider this: when you are having a bad hair day, it generally only lasts for one day. You wash your hair and perhaps style it, and the next day you feel much better. When you are having a bad “boob day”, unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do to make your breasts look better faster. Recovery takes weeks.

You would not search the internet looking at pictures of beautiful hair, but for some reason you may feel compelled to look at images of other breasts. And this will affect how you feel.

A useful thing to do in this instance is to talk to some of the ladies whose breasts you admire, and they will often tell you that their journey was not an easy one either. The problem is that you have an expectation of how you want to look, but during recovery your brain and eyes see something very different. And this can lead to depression, which will need to be addressed.

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