Women, who make up the most percentage of tummy tuck patients every year, worry about getting pregnant after having this form-improving procedure done.

It is one of their concerns how a tummy tucks affect future pregnancies and vice versa.

A tummy tuck, also known medically as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes excess fats and skin, which also results to abdominal tightening. It helps create a flat, smoothly-contoured and firm abdomen, especially for those who have a belly that goes out of proportion with the rest of the body.However for women, it may not be as simple to just have it done. Those who are still in their childbearing years, or are still planning to get pregnant; you need to put this off at a later time. This would be the ideal picture, but it’s not usually the case. Most women who had it done, would later on change their mind and have a baby, or some may have it unplanned.

What happens in pregnancy is that the muscles in your abdomen separate and weaken as your abdominal area stretches to accommodate the growing fetus. On the outside, you might also observe stretch marks on your lower abdomen due to the rapid increase of your weight and girth while pregnant.

If you get pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery, this will stretch the muscles and skin yet again. But you can go back again and have a revision. Doctors would advise that you wait for at least a year to let your system heal and stabilize before you have a revision done.

However it is best to make sure that you are finally decided on your future pregnancy plans and be a good candidate for tummy tuck because too many repeated revisions will no longer lead to desired results.

Another concern that women also have is whether a previous tummy tuck affect their baby. No, it won’t. As mentioned earlier, your body will still adapt and always make room for the baby. Women who got pregnant after the surgery reported no complications related to the procedure during their pregnancy.

Unfortunately the loose skin which resulted from re-stretching during pregnancy may never look the same again. This is why you need to have it reconstructed.

The repercussions of getting a tummy tuck done even after a first pregnancy depends on the prerogative of the new mom. Most of the times they choose to go through with it with the desire to bring back the pre-baby body. Some just want to shed off that stubborn fat after feeling worn down with all the extra weight.

So make a good decision before you actually go through with it because you will be spending thousands of dollars with this procedure.

A tummy tuck is advised for those older women and those who are also done with having their last child. This is to avoid from having your body go through another trauma and also to avoid additional expenses. However, in the instance that you do get pregnant, you can always rely on the innovations and the skills of a good surgeon to help you bring back that tighter abs once again!


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