Esteem Cosmetic Studio Breast Implants

If you require surgical revisions, you must be aware of the following costs which you will be responsible for:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anaesthetic fees
  • Theatre/ Facility fees
  • New implants if required (implant may be covered by the manufacturer for certain events)
  • An investigations, diagnostics and allied health visits, such as: swabs, x-rays, ECG, blood tests, ultrasound, MRI and consultations
  • Dressings
  • Post-surgical garments
  • Medications – Pre-operative, Post-Operative, Prophylactic
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transport/Transfers
  • Carer/Nurse
  • Paperwork – such as provision of medical certificates, postage
  • Time off work and associated costs
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