At this point, it’s not groundbreaking medical advice to tell you smoking is bad for your health.

You’ve likely seen advertisements about the various ways smoking can harm your body – everything from your heart and lungs to your outward appearance. Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that one of those appearance issues includes your breasts. Stay tuned, here’s what happens to your breasts when you smoke cigarettes. 

What happens to your breasts when smoking

Smokers have a harder time recovering from surgeries, including breast augmentations or lifts.

We won’t beat around the bush – regular smoking can lead to saggy breasts. The chemicals in cigarettes affect the protein in your breasts that is responsible for the elasticity which makes them perky. While breasts naturally begin to sag with age, smoking only speeds up the process. Doctors have also found that smokers have a harder time recovering from surgeries, including breast augmentations or lifts. If you’re experiencing sagging and wish to get it corrected, step one is to quit smoking as soon as possible in order to enhance results. 

Linked to breast cancer 

What’s worse, smoking doesn’t just affect the perkiness of your breasts – it has also been linked to breast cancer. The chemicals that are in the cigarettes attack the genes that are responsible for protecting the body against cancer. Additionally, recent collaborative research from the University of Wisconsin, Dartmouth College and Harvard University have found that breast cancer survivors who continue to smoke after their diagnosis are more likely to die than survivors who have never smoked. Of course, breast cancer is just one of many forms of cancer that can occur, so it’s best to put that cigarette out in general.

For the sake of your breasts, put out that cigarette!

Have you quit already?

If you’ve put out your last cigarette for good but your breasts are still laying a little more flat than they used to, then perhaps a breast augmentation is a good idea for you! A big part of the journey to the surgery is an assessment of your mental health. You have to ask yourself if you are in a good place mentally to get the surgery. If you know you’re not going to be tempted by a cigarette, it could be your time to go for that breast augmentation.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your options. Give us a call  and arrange your appointment today.


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