After breast augmentation surgery, light exercise such as walking is great in the first six weeks.

After six weeks, on clearance from the surgeon, resuming normal exercise is good…but bouncing is bad!

When you’ve never had large breasts before, it is common to be unaware that running and intensive exercise causes your breasts with implants to move – and even worse, bounce.

Over a long period of time this causes the skin to stretch.

Women with large breasts, natural or otherwise, are strongly recommended to wear specialized individually-cupped sports bras, designed for running and high impact activity.

Avoid crop top bras, boob tubes, and non-wired bras. These types of bras are not supportive enough for large breasts at any time, let alone when undertaking running or high impact exercise. For a single event or a special occasion it would be acceptable to wear a bra that does not have a lot of support, but it would not be recommended for everyday wear.

Avoid push up and heavily padded bras in the first 3-6 months after your operation as the tissues are still healing and remodeling. These types of bras can cause an unsatisfactory results, but as with other bras it would be OK for a single event or special occasion.

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