You will likely feel tired after surgery due to the anaesthetic and fasting, so when you get home have a small nap.

Don’t sleep for too long as you need to have some fluids to rehydrate, as well as a light meal. Go for a little walk – just around the house, but you don’t want to be lying in bed continuously. You may also need some pain relief at this point.

A little bit of bleeding or fluid on your dressings is normal in the first 24 hours. You may not even notice as you will have your post operative garment on and should not be removing it in the first 24 hours (do not shower until the following day).

Keep your TED stockings on, and these should remain on until you are back to a somewhat normal level of mobility (at least 3-5 days). These stockings and walking reduce the risk of DVT.

If you feel up to it, read your post-operative instructions, especially any part that related to days 1-3.

Before going to bed in the evening, have a light supper/snack and go for another walk. Take further pain relief if needed and set an alarm for reasonable hour next morning to get up, have a decent breakfast and go for a walk.

Walking and rehydration assist with fluid shifting and reduce swelling, metabolising the anaesthetic and restarting your body. So it is essential that you take regular walks throughout your recovery.

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