When it comes to breast augmentation the major concern is when the result doesn’t look natural. This defeats the purpose of enhancing the breast, when all it does is attracting negative attention. If you want to avoid getting breast implant results that look unnatural, here are some of the factors that you must ensure to avoid.

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Poor placement of breast implants

How the implants are placed can also affect the outward result. Breast implants can be placed either over the muscle or below the muscle. For women who have little breast tissue and fat, an over the muscle approach would make the implant stick out. This make the person’s chest appears like a pair of implants bolted on top.

Another reason that could also create poor implant placement is when the breast pocket is too small. This makes the implant ride up making it look more obvious.

That is why it is important that you have a good surgeon who knows how to make the implants that would suit your body type well.

Inappropriate implant size

Some women go too far with how they want to go with breast implants. In most cases they want to have a pair that is rather too large for their profile, clearly highlighting the fact that it surely didn’t belong to their body. Overly enhancing the breast can also make one to appear heavy on top.

A size that can also be too small for the patient’s chest may not look aesthetically pleasing. An example would be Hillary Swanks saggy breast contours which was once photographed years back. This means that her implants were not filling her out enough.

Therefore, when choosing your breast size, it is always smart to always opt for being subtle. A little too just might make you cross the line from being beautiful to awkward.

Discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon. With the customizable implants that are available in the market today, you have a better chance at getting the size and shape that is most appropriate for you.

Poor choice of implants

In the past, people are only limited to saline implants. In this case, overfilling was always an issue when it comes to creating a natural-looking appearance. As soon as silicone implants were approved, patients are offered with another option. True enough they were able to create better results compared to its predecessor. Today, gummy bear implants can also be included in the list of choices.

That is why it is important that you communicate well with your surgeon on what works best for you, based on your preference, your size, and your body type.

Person’s body type

In some instances the person’s body type will also have a role to play on how the implants would turn out. Some women may have a thin chest area while others may already have a thicker chest portion. Other factors also include the strength of one’s muscle contraction over the implants, the initial shape of the breasts and the degree of swelling.

If you are concerned with how your breast will look like after breast augmentation surgery always remember that each person looks different the day after the procedure. It may look distorted at first, but make sure to follow your doctor’s massage instructions. But even more importantly see to it that your surgeon is sensitive to your size and profile especially during consultations.


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