Gone were the days when women used padded bras to make their breasts look fuller and bigger. Today, breast augmentation using saline or silicon gel implants make it virtually possible for any woman to choose what cup size she wants to wear.

The decision of choosing the cup size is usually the hardest part for a woman. Some women, after surgery, tend to fall into a cycle where they wish they had it bigger or smaller. The following steps are important to ensure that you arrive in a certain cup size decision, and avoid regrets after the surgery.

Discuss your Goals

In deciding what size you want, it is important to set realistic expectations. Discuss your goals, you plans, your reasons, as well as your options with your surgeon. Your surgeon will then have to evaluate and determine the proportions of your frame and will give you possible options based on the data you have given. Note that not all sizes is appropriate for any woman; it looks awkwardly unproportion for a petite girl to have a size D cup, right? Only your doctor can decide that limitations of your body. A good doctor is honest enough to tell you the limitations of your body and will not agree to give you a cup size which you could regret later.

You may also want to bring photos of your preferred size. Though everyone’s anatomy is different, and you not look exactly like the photos, at least the pictures will give your surgeon an idea as to what size you want to be.

From A, B, C to CC’s

You might be asking, what are CC’s? Bra cups are sized A, B, C and up while breast implants measured in CC’s or cubic centimeters. In determining what size you are comfortable with, you can wear breast augmentation sizers or do the rice test. Either way, these techniques will help you get the feel of what size and weight you are most comfortable with.

Trying on size prior to your consultation will be a great idea. You don’t want to look like someone who obviously have fake breast, right? Find a size that would look more natural on your body. Also, you need to consider your lifestyle in deciding what size you want to have as you don’t want your breast to get in the way, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

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