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The amount of cleavage you will have is determined by many factors, including: the amount of breast tissue you have prior to surgery, the placement of the implant, how lax the tissues are and what type of bra you wear after surgery.

What cannot be altered in any great significance is your sternal gap. If you have a wide sternal gap pre-surgery, you will have a wide sternal gap post-surgery. There is only so much separation that can be achieved in an initial procedure, and to achieve a fuller cleavage, a wider implant and further dissection may need to be done in a subsequent procedure.

Symmastia (meeting of the implants with no separation) can occur if the implant are pushed too closer to the middle, or if they are placed under the muscle and the muscle fibres disrupt after surgery. If symmastia occurs, you must consult with your surgeon to discuss how to repair it.

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