breast augmentation risk

In Australia, the complication rate for breast augmentation surgery is approximately 10%.

When you say you understand the risk of the surgery, it is not “fingers crossed it won’t happen to me”.  Every patient that has had a complication did not think it would happen to them.

Every patient with a complication will say that had they known it would happen, they probably would not have had the surgery. And every surgeon will tell you that if they had known the patient would have a complication, or if there were a test they could do to predict it, they would not have performed the surgery.

No patient or surgeon wants a complication, but it is an inherent risk of surgery. There are things that neither the surgeon nor you can control or predict, such as your healing and your body’s response to the implant.

Understanding risk means understanding that complications can happen and have happened, and if these things were to happen to you, knowing in yourself that you would be OK physically, emotionally and financially. If you know beforehand that you would not be OK in those three areas, you should not proceed with surgery.

If something happens to you, you will not care about the 90% of people that it didn’t happen to.

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