Sometimes no amount of diet and exercise can remove stubborn fats from certain problem areas.

The chin being one of those targeted spaces accumulates fatty tissues creating a facially disproportionate double chin.

The problem with double chin or submental fats is that it can never be concealed with clothing. It makes your face look portly at the bottom especially if your cheeks are also harbouring excess fats the same way. And the problem with these fats is that it persists to stay even with strict diet, exercise or even if applied with gadgets for reduction. Even specific chin exercises does not guarantee removal because its main effect is muscle toning and not fat elimination. For this purpose, chin liposuction is the best resort.

Clients usually have chin liposuction done in conjunction with other procedures such as cheek or neck liposuction. And with the advancement in technology this delicate procedure is made possible resulting to the elimination of sagging and double lines in the face, as well as wrinkles. Not only does chin liposuction remove sub mental fats, it also improves the jaw line and the neck creating more contour and definition.

This cosmetic surgery procedure is done with less visible scarring compared to other measures such as face lifts and chin tucks. It is done using a local anesthesia with light sedation, unless you have other procedures done at the same time. Usually chin liposuction would take 45 minutes to an hour at most to finish. And it uses a smaller cannula than the ones usually used in a typical liposuction procedure; it minimizes scarring, swelling and bruising.

During submental or chin liposuction a small incision approximately a quarter of an inch long is made below the chin, at the back of the lower jaw. The cannula, which is usually less than 2mm in diameter and attached to a suction machine, is then inserted to suction the excess fats. The doctor takes extra care to ensure that not much is taken, but only to sculpt that area making it facially proportionate. A compression bandage is wrapped around the head after surgery to protect the incision and to hold the treated are firmly in place.

Patients can be up and about already after surgery; some even go back to work the following day, while others wait until the bandage is removed. This creates the difference between face lifts and liposuction; the latter is less invasive and heals faster. Face lifts also affects the face in general while chin liposuction targets a more specific area creating a more sculpted appearance.

The results would be a significant tightening of the skin in the chin and neck area. The jaw line will be more pronounced making the face further approximated from the neck. Those who are younger would have good results due to better skin elasticity. For the older clients, they will appreciate its effect because chin liposuction removes the sagging that occurs submentally.

Chin liposuction is not free from any risks just like any other surgical procedure. Common risks would be infection, scarring, bleeding, hematoma (pooling of blood underneath the skin) and anesthetic complications. The surgeon will also inform of any risks specific to the general health condition of the patient during consultation.

An experienced surgeon would be a very good choice should you decide to undergo this procedure. It takes someone with the skill and the eye for good quality work if you want to ensure satisfying results. Look around the internet or ask around and find out about this surgeon’s educational experience, previous works done on similar patients and whether he is board certified.

Chin liposuction is rather costly considering the precise practice that should be employed. However prices would slightly vary among clinics or surgeons. With the advancements in facial liposuction surgeries, you can now be assured that there will be safe and impressive results in eliminating that double chin.


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