Picking out your surgeon is not just some eenie-meanie-miny-mo decision. You really have to take the time and careful consideration before you finally settle on one.  To help you out, here are 10 pointers that would help you out.

1.  Proper Education and Training

Let’s just say that this is the most basic information that you should be looking for when scouting for a good breast implant surgeon, or any doctor for that matter. The right knowledge and extensive training is essential so that you can ensure that you are under the hands of experts, those who are particularly trained in doing breast implant surgery.

The world of cosmetic surgery may sometimes be called the wild west of medicine, so make sure that you know how to protect yourself from posers.

2. Certification and State Licensure

Education is futile if not coupled with the proper certification or state licensure. This is necessary because this is a telling sign that this particular surgeon has passed stringent standardized exams for them to practice. Always look and ask for this information because this would tell you that a person is duly certified to perform safe breast implant procedure.

3. Experience

Experience is also important because this can also be a telling sign of a person’s expertise. Look into the years that he has been active, and compare this with the actual results that a surgeon is able to produce.  A surgeon with experience can most likely give you the best breast implant results that you prefer with much lesser risks.

4. Membership to related organizations

Breast implant surgeons should be a member of a related organization. It will help guide and monitor the standards of practice followed by the surgeon. This ensures the safety of the patients and it also inclines for more favourable results.

5. Continuing education

It is a definite plus if a surgeon sees to it that he or she takes continuing education. This means that they are up to date with the latest approaches in their practice, or even be abreast with the new breast implants in the market today. A cosmetic surgeon who attends seminars or conferences allows himself to grow professionally both in theory and practice.

6. Top quality surgical outcome

A good breast implant surgeon should be able to give you a good collection of previous surgeries in his portfolio. Look at before and after photos and check the quality of surgical breast implant outcome and see if this is in keeping with your preferences. A good surgeon should always be able to present a portfolio for your perusal, otherwise, you should steer clear from those who are not transparent with their work.

7. Techniques used

As mentioned earlier, it is also important that you know the type of techniques used by the surgeon. Even though some may be known to produce excellent results, but you should also consider if the approach that they are adopting is also suitable for your case.

8. Good Reviews

Reading reviews is also a good way to gauge the quality of work that your breast implant surgeon provides. These are raw information that comes from those who have undergone the procedure under this specific doctor. For this, you can check forums and cosmetic surgery related websites. However, you should take everything you read with a grain of salt because there are some surgeons who write the reviews themselves under the guise of a different name.

9. Reasonable price

The right breast implant surgeon should also have a reasonable price. One that is not ridiculously high and neither should he also price his work surprisingly low. Yes, breast augmentation surgery may be an expensive procedure, but you also have to see to it whether the quality of work can match up to the pricing.

On the other hand, a very cheap breast surgeon’s fee is also questionable. You should not be easily swayed by the price offered alone, because this could very well be advertising schemes for less than sterling breast implant surgery. What is worse is that this could lead to disastrous results.

10. Initial consultation

In order for you to find the right breast implant surgeon in Australia, you should assess how they are and what they are able to present to you during an initial consultation. Do they offer reasonable pricing? Good follow-up program?  a clear and understandable explanation of the procedure and surgical plan? Or a preferable approach?  The initial consult is the first impression, and when you see that a surgeon is presenting a lacklustre treatment plan, never gamble your body for second best.

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