Couples cosmetic surgery is a new trend that surgeons are seeing. Many people find that having someone there on the journey with them is much more enjoyable.

Friends are forever, right? Having a best friend by your side through all the trials of life makes everything better. They’re there to hold your hand when you need support, give you a hug or gossip with you about your latest work scandal. So, if you’re both considering cosmetic surgery, why not get through it together at the same time?

Synchronised surgery

Recently making headlines are Brazillian twins, Bia and Branca Feres, who are currently competing in the Rio games for synchronised swimming. They’ve got a shared Instagram account, which gives us a little sliver of their life.

It appears they share everything from matching outfits, beds, jobs and now, boobs. Their breast enlargements meant that they missed out in the 2012 Games due to recovery, but it did help them to land modelling and advertising contracts.

Having lived their whole lives together, very closely as we’ve seen, it’s not a surprise that they went under the knife together too.

Couples that do surgery together…

Cosmetic surgery is slowly becoming destigmatised, with more and more people considering it at some stage during their lives. It’s no longer something that only famous people are able to afford, with many options now available from facial hair transplants to chin augmentations.

Couples surgery is also something that’s becoming a common procedure. With spending their lives together and going through all the ups and downs, it’s not uncommon for one to want to join their partner on this journey. After all, exercising together in matching gear boosts physical fitness and improves body toning, whereas cosmetic surgery can help to increase confidence – something that two people get experience together.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the same cosmetic procedure, nor does it have to be at the exact same time. Speaking to the Smart Beauty Guide by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Minnesotan-based surgeon Dr Ralph Bashiom explains his experience with couples cosmetic surgery.

“One partner will have the idea to have surgery and share it with the other. In the case of rejuvenation surgery, the wife often suggests that her husband consider the same.”

Dr Bashiom goes on speculate that he’s seen more men get liposuction on their waist, while women get a tummy tuck.

“It’s best when the spouses take turns having surgery, since one can take care of the other,” he says, when talking about his views on couples surgery. “It is then possible for the first spouse to safely take care of the second.”

Is it time to go doubles?

In a serious relationship, you’ll want to be there through every change in you and your partner’s lives. This includes surgery, and what better way to get through it than to do it together? If you’re considering having some form of cosmetic surgery, broach the idea to your partner as early as possible. This allows flexibility, as you’ve not had much time to make up your mind and will be more open to their opinions.

Suggesting that your partner get some surgery for themselves can be a very delicate subject too, but the main goal is to be honest, receptive and not to lose your temper. Make it clear that this is a process to enhance your features, and achieving a more attractive look is something you want to experience together.

All in all, we’re open to the idea of couples surgery. Give us a call or come in for a consultation to get more information.


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