Okay, so you’ve gotten the breast augmentation and you’re feeling great about your new look. But now what? You want to ensure you’re taking the best care of them – boobs, regardless of a boob job or not, require a little maintenance to stay looking as perky as ever. 

Part of this process is maintaining a regular workout routine. When you exercise your chest muscles, you’re building the muscle that your breast rests on, therefore pushing it out and making it look fuller.

Doesn’t seem like a bad deal does it? Going to the gym will give you a healthy body and helps make your boobs look good. We’ll show you a couple of easy moves you can start including in your routine. 


The easiest, yet one of the most effective moves you can do.

Chest fly

This is the easiest, yet one of the most effective moves you can do. It can be done either standing or lying down on a bench. All you have to do is grab two free weights in either hand, open your arms to make a ‘T ‘ shape and then squeeze as you pull the weights so they’re directly over your chest. Make sure you control the weights on the way down, don’t just let your arms fall. 



Can’t beat the benefits of a good old fashioned pushup! You probably already know how to perform this move, so we’ll spare you the details. But if you want to add a little bit of a challenge, there are a couple of things you can do. One way is to grab a medicine ball, place your hands on it so you can support yourself without tipping and start the pushups. Trust us – adding in the balancing element is going to really make you work.


Plank reaches 

Planks are a great way to strengthen your chest, but include a just little bit of movement and you’ve got a real recipe for success. Get into a full plank position (straight arms and tight core with feet shoulder-width apart. Holding this pose is tough, but from this you’ll extend your hand straight out in front of you reaching as far as you can then lower your arm back down and repeat on the other side. It won’t be long before you feel the burn. 



This move is like an amped up chest fly. Stand straight with your free weights in front of your body – you should be holding them with your palms facing down. Raise the weights so they are just below your chin and then open up to form a T shape. Next, lower your arms down to your sides, lift to make the T shape again, and lower so they weights are back where they started. That’s one rep and you’ll probably start to feel it by the eighth. It’s a very effective move! 


The final touch up

A breast augmentation plus a good exercise routine is the best way to keep your boobs looking better than ever, but you can also give them that little extra touch by contouring them! Believe it! As you get ready for a night out, don’t stop the contouring at your face, pull out the highlights and low lights of your cleavage. It won’t be hard to achieve a nearly flawless look if you keep this routine up. 

Do you have any questions about how to keep your boobs looking happy and healthy for as long as possible? We’re here to chat  – just contact us today and we’ll set up an appointment to discuss whatever’s on your mind!


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