Who among us doesn’t dream of long legs and  shapely thighs?

The thighs are one of the common problem areas that most liposuction patients also complain about. These structures not only provide support but they also contribute to the total form of the person. That is why a lot of individuals are seeking ways to best enhance this particular area. However there are instances where regular exercise doesn’t seem to cut it. That is why liposuction seems to be a relevant treatment.

The shape of the thighs can significantly define a person’s body shape. A fit pair of thighs can also make someone look youthful, slim and athletic. It also enhances the appearance of the buttocks crease. But aside from that, it also provides them with better mobility and comfort.  Frequent contact of the skin of the inner thighs can result to chaffing which can be very uncomfortable.

In order to create shapely thighs a liposuction procedure would be very helpful. Through the expertise of a highly experienced surgeon, he can carefully remove the fat tissues at the right places in the right amounts. And this is something that regular exercise is limited in doing.

When it comes to thigh liposuction, there are two approaches that are used in order to create better results. This involves the liposuction of the inner thigh and liposuction of the anterior or the outer portion.

The diameter of the cannula is essential to the smoothness of the results. Large cannulas are more likely to create irregularities on the surface. The reason behind is large bore cannulas would tend to suction a large amount of fats in a particular area at one time, most especially when it is done by inexperienced hands.

Microcannulas on the other hand are able to create a more controlled suction process resulting in smoother contours. This is why; this is most preferred since it allows the surgeon to pay more attention to detail as he is able to slowly increase the increments of the amount of fat that is being suctioned.

Also, another difference is that with anterior liposuction smoother results are much important rather than removing significant volume, which is what, is done with inner thigh liposuction. Removing excess amounts of fats in the anterior portion of the thigh can result in more irregularities. This approach is also best done with knee liposuction to create a balanced structure.

Outer thigh liposuction would require more volume to be suctioned out for desirable results. And it is usually done together with hip liposuction to balance out the overall form.

If the problem is extensive requiring both inner and outer thigh liposuction this doesn’t mean that you can have both procedures done at the same time. The session for each location should be spaced about a month apart or even more. This will give the body and the specific area treated to recover.

Although it is relatively less complicated compared to abdominal liposuction, risks are still present with thigh liposuction. This includes, bleeding, blood clots, thrombose formation (or fat clots), infection, nerve damage and asymmetrical results.

If you want to lessen these risks and ensure an impressive outcome, make sure that you find a highly experienced and board-certified surgeon to do it. You don’t want to risk your thighs getting all botchy and asymmetrical which would be easily recognizable. So be very keen in choosing your surgeon.


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