Something round and full is automatically larger. Something more natural is automatically smaller.

Patients generally don’t complain that their results look too natural or too fake, as much as they complain that their results are too big or too small.

A natural breast does not contain an implant, so in essence, a breast with an implant is “fake”.

However, there are some results that are more natural than others. For example, a natural-looking breast is not full at the top, so the more tissue there is covering the implant, the more natural the result will look.

If you have breasts, the surgeon will be making those breasts into bigger breasts. So even with a large implant, you will have a result that looks more natural than someone who has previously just had skin and nipple and then added a small implant.

The right size implant for any patient is one that fits on her body, fills out her breasts and is relevant to her personality and lifestyle.

If you are a little shy, big breasts won’t change that.

If you are very active, large breasts could get in the way.

If you’ve never had breasts before, everything will seem huge.

If all of your friends have large breasts, it won’t seem so big.

Size is also completely relative to the rest of your body.

The overall size you end up with is a combination of your breast, chest, and implant.

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