Gynecomastia, the abnormal enlargement of male breasts, affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of males. For those who are affected with such condition, some try to hide it by wearing large t-shirts. Most men just live with such condition; those who prefer not to, turns to cosmetic surgery to correct the problem.

If, in any case, you are one of those who badly want to get rid of your unusual large breast because such condition bothers you physically and psychologically, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor and discuss you option. Expect that your doctor will give you options such as weight loss, resistance training, or cosmetic surgery if you wish to have a faster result.

The process of breast reduction for men can be performed on men of any age who are in good physical and emotional health. The best candidates for surgery have firm skin with sufficient elasticity to adopt the body’s alteration

Find a surgeon that is board certified. An experienced surgeon who specializes in surgeries for gynecosmatia is critical to the success of the surgery. Prior to your surgery, discuss with your surgeon any concerns that you have and make sure that you understand everything that is involved. The result of the procedure is very significant and with realistic expectations towards the surgery, you will be satisfied with your improved appearance

There are two types of surgery for gynecosmatia: liposuction and incision. If the cause of the enlargement of the breasts is mostly just fat, then liposuction would be a way to remove these fat deposits. On the other hand, if the cause is glandular tissue, then incision should be made to remove it. In some cases, it would require both procedures to fix the condition. There is a possibility that the incision will leave some noticeable scars, again this is part of having realistic expectations. You can discuss this with your surgeon and ask what to do about it.

Usually, recovery lasts between 3-10 days after the surgery. But in all surgeries, healing time or recovery period varies for each individual.

The possibility of gynecosmatia re-occurring after the surgery is rare but it can happen if the cause of the condition wasn’t addressed from the beginning. If the condition is caused by medicines or recreational drugs or excessive intake of alcoholic beverages then the best solution is to stop these habits.

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