Progress images are required for assessment at each milestone, but these images are not a substitute for an in-clinic review. It may be necessary to attend an in-clinic review at any point of your recovery journey, as images may not accurately reflect your results and review will be able to better assess your progress.

You will be required to take the following images:

1st image: Front on, arms relaxed

2nd image: Left lateral/profile, arms slightly behind

3rd image: Right latera/profiles, arms slightly behind.

Should you not be able to take and/or send images, you will be required to visit the clinic for an assessment. No definitive or specific advice or treatment can be provided should your surgeon not have appropriate images to assess.

At times, it may be requested that you send images in alternate positions. In this case you will be advised of the images needed and you will be required to follow the instructions given.


Images MUST be taken as follows:

  • NO SELFIES – images must be taken by another person
  • Take in good light
  • On a neutral background
  • Lens in line with nipples
  • No filters
  • Relaxed position and posture
  • No bra or clothing on in the image
  • Showing only the bottom of the neck to the belly button
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