Congratulations on your new breasts!

Once you’re done recovering, the fun can finally begin! Now you get to treat the girls to new bras. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good new bra? The feeling of bra shopping is all the more thrilling when you have new breasts to flaunt.  

But don’t head to the lingerie store just yet! We’ve got a couple of tips you need to consider before you purchase your new bra collection for your new boobs. Check them out below.

Make sure you’re fully recovered 


Don’t jump the gun by going shopping before you’ve fully recovered from your surgery. Post-breast augmentation surgery can leave your body swollen, which could significantly affect your bra size. You can start to do a little window shopping, but don’t buy anything until you know you’re good to go.

Make sure you have the right bra size.

Make sure you get sized 

First thing’s first, get sized! You may have told your doctor that you want double Ds, but there might be slight variations that you’ll need to know about.  And you just spent all that time and money perfecting your breasts, so if you want to flaunt them appropriately, you need to make sure you have the specific bra size.

Avoid underwires 

Your enhancement is doing the job of the troublesome underwire, so you don’t really need to opt for this uncomfortable bra ever again. Besides, bralettes are currently the most fashionable (and super cosy) bra trend. Women everywhere are reaching for this lacy support system more than ever before. We should also mention that the athleisure styles are hugely trendy as well – and this means that strappy sports bras are just as acceptable as any other type of bra.  

post-breast-implants-surgery-tipsWhat will your first bra be? Have some fun with your new look.

Spend the extra money

Bras are always worth spending the extra money on – and since you’ve just splurged on new breasts, you better be dishing out the cash to treat them too! Head to the best lingerie store in town and they’ll take care of you. There you can get everything from push-ups, bralettes, sports bras and even an extra something-something for your partner to admire as well. 

Do you have any questions about breast augmentation or the bras that you should be looking for post-surgery? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable clinicians and ask away – we have answers for you! 


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