Esteem Cosmetic Studio Breast Augmentation


A capsule is the body’s natural reaction to a foreign body, and in the case of breast augmentation, it’s the implant.

Scar tissue will form internally around the breast implant, which is perfectly normal. However, in some circumstances, this can contract (capsular contracture) and make the breast round, firm, and possibly painful.

Capsular contracture can occur soon after surgery or years later and may happen on one or both sides in differing degrees. It occurs in around 10% of breast augmentation patients.

Treatment for capsular contracture may require surgery, implant replacement or removal.

If a capsule forms that is too loose, the implant can shift around or move on a daily basis. This can be bothersome, especially when laying down flat without a bra on. It can be fixed with surgery that tightens the pocket or capsule.

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