On the day of your surgery you must:

  • Allow time for traffic and parking- do not allow yourself to become anxious by rushing.
  • Have NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK FOR SIX HOURS prior to admission for your procedure. This means nothing to eat or drink (includes water, sweets, and chewing gum) from midnight if your surgery is in the morning, and nothing after 6:00am if your surgery is in the afternoon.
  • Make every effort to take only essential regular medications prior to your fasting time, and only with a sip of water or the minimum amount of clear fluid. Advise the admission staff of all medications taken and when; this is for your safety and essential in assessing you for surgery and the administration of anaesthesia.
  • Shower and wash your hair.
  • Remove all jewelry, makeup, spray tan, moisturisers and hair products. Wear your hair in a low ponytail with a non-metal hair tie and no metal hair clips. Do not bring any valuables with you.
  • Remove nail polish and acrylic/gel nails from at least each index finger. This is essential for monitoring your health during the procedure.
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