It goes without saying that a cosmetic procedure that requires specific expertise and that discerning eye for beauty would come at certain expense.

Some of you might ask why it would cost you that much? Here are some of the reasons why.

One of the primary reasons why a breast implant would usually take you back thousands of dollars are the quality of implants that will be used. A good quality breast implant made out of medical grade materials should be used in a reputable clinic.

However, with incidences such as those involving PIP implants, the clinics providing it were deemed to have been looking for ways to cut down on costs. They were using implants that are made out of materials mainly for industrial use. But the problem with that is they are also undermining the safety of the patients with these low grade products.  

So if you encounter a clinic that will quote you with a significantly low price, think twice before you sign up to it. A safe and good quality implant would always cost you more, because first of all it is less likely exposed to inadvertent ruptures and its accompanying adverse reactions.

The cost of the implants will also vary depending on the type which you prefer. It can either be cohesive gel implant, anatomical implants or the more popular Brazilian implants.

The physician’s fee is also another factor that increases the rate of breast augmentation surgery. A successful outcome would require the expertise of an experienced and highly trained surgeon. It should be your primary concern to choose a doctor who can give you a safe procedure and one that will leave you with desirable aesthetic results.

A doctor with excellent credentials, especially those who have carved a name for themselves in the industry would always give you a high price for their services. Also be on the lookout for those doctors who have shady reputations and offers you a price that seems so good to be true. It will be highly likely that you will be getting a botched result.

Also covered with the amount that you have to pay are the operations or theatre fee. This would include the payment for the use of the facilities, instruments, and the immediate recovery period. The asking price can vary for each clinic and location. But some association of surgeons agree on a fixed price.

The anesthesia fee is also something that you have to factor in. This will often be counted separately and this is expected to be rather pricey. One of the reasons why this is so is because it is a very critical job because it requires the skill, knowledge and good judgment of a certified anesthetist. In addition to that, the cost of your anesthesia is also included in this fee.

General anesthesia is what is usually used in a breast augmentation surgery, and this will be more expensive compared to a topical or a partial anesthestic.

On top of these costs is the separate fee for pre-surgical consultation. Although some already compute this together with operations cost. There are clinics that will have you pay for the consultation separately. This will usually not reach the thousands. In Australia for instance, the common asking price would be around the hundreds.

Everything mentioned above are just the cost of the operation itself. If you want to make sure that you have a safe and successful result, you should also have the budget for post-operative medications and other related expenses.

Therefore you have to be financially capable in order to pay for the entire surgical procedure (pre-operatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively). Please do not expose yourself to second rate surgeons who have questionable skills and workmanship. You must understand that a good breast augmentation surgery will always come at a price and that is because you are also ensuring quality.

But don’t rely simply on what a surgeon promises; also remember to do your research to find yourself the people and materials if you want the results which you most desire.

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